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Design Token to CSS

The other day I mentioned Saneef Ansari’s excellent postcss-design-token-utils that converts a bunch of JSON into custom CSS properties and utility classes. At the end I aggressively rambled about how much I’d love to see this as a dedicated website and, well, Saneef built the darn thing!

It’s called Design Token to CSS and it’s very much worth checking out. I’ve fallen out of the loop a little bit when it comes to syncing design tokens like this between Figma and your front-end codebase but I imagine this is extremely helpful for keeping designers and engineers on the same page there.

Also! This tool is part of Saneef’s collection of “nano-sized tools for web designers” called nanools which I had never seen before but holy heck is color × color worth looking at as well. It lets you build full blown color systems—but I especially love how Saneef goes about explaining luminance, chroma, and hue.